Most Fun Tours of Maldive

Most Fun Tours of Maldive


    Luxury hotels in the tourism islands in the concept of 1 island + 1 hotel offer all kinds of tour opportunities for their guests for them to spend time without getting bored. When you go to the Maldives for a holiday or honeymoon, you can enjoy a relaxing, fun and adventurous holiday. We've listed some of the most entertaining Maldives tours for you;

    Strolling in the capital Male: You can join a tour where you can see Male to get to know the local culture of the Maldives, eat local delicacies and shop till you drop. You can gaze at the panoramic view of the city from a tall building and discover the culture and history of the Maldives.

    Excursion with Submarine Tour: You can enjoy the beauty of the Maldives, one of the most special places in the world in terms of underwater richness, with a 45-minute underwater tour. You can see fish and coral reefs from the submarine that goes under water for about 30 meters.

    You Can Dive: You can snorkel or scuba dive to get a closer view of the underwater richness. The pleasure of diving in pristine coral reefs is also invaluable.

    You Can Visit Local Islands: Recently, the islands inhabited by local people were closed to tourism. However, now you can visit these islands to get to know the culture of the Maldives. You can experience traditional local life and the rituals of daily life.

    You Can Swim With Sharks and Stingrays: You can enjoy swimming with the creatures you will not see in your life with special diving tours in the protected parts of the Maldives. You can taste the adventure first hand.

    You Can Spend a Day on a Private Island: You have the opportunity to spend some time in many small islands of the Maldives. The boats leave you to these special islets. You can eat on the private islet, swim as you wish and then return to your hotel.

    You can navigate the Indian Ocean with a Boat Tour: You can see coral reefs and lagoons up close with speedboats as well as private local boats.

    You Can Explore the Country by Plane: If you want to see the islands from a different perspective, you can explore the Maldives from a height by seaplanes.

    Maldives offers you many more entertainment possibilities. With Haydi Maldivlere, you can easily plan an unforgettable holiday.

    26 August, 01:08