Things to Be Aware About the Maldives - Haydi Maldivlere

Things to Be Aware About the Maldives - Haydi Maldivlere

    • Visa is not required to visit Maldives. However, you have to complete some documents.
    • There are no bugs or insect problems in the Maldives. Organic spraying is done continuously.
    • Every touristic island has an electrical infrastructure and the standard voltage is 230V. You can easily use your electronic devices.
    • In this country, which is sunny most of the time, you should not forget to wear your sunscreen.
    • It is one of the most reliable countries.
    • Rate of literacy is very high. The crime rate is almost zero.
    • In the Maldives, located in the Indian Ocean, those who go on holiday can swim without fear of sharks, no shark attack on the islands is observed.
    • Maldives is an Islamic country. You should dress accordingly when traveling to the capital Male or local island.
    • It is forbidden to obtain alcohol outside the tourist islands.
    • The local currency is Rufiyaa, but you can also pay in US dollars.
    • International cuisine is served in hotels in the Maldives. You shouldn't have any problems with food.
    • Although local people speak the Dhivehi language in the Maldives, English is the common language.
    • There is no mandatory vaccination on the way to the Maldives.

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