Isolation in the Maldives

Isolation in the Maldives


    Maldives, which is one of the countries with the lowest crime in the world, has successfully overcome this process by managing the pandemic period in the best way. The most important feature of the Maldives is that the islands where the local people live and the tourism islands are different. In addition, there is only one hotel and its facilities in each of the islands. So there are no other hotels or facilities on same island. This is the most important factor that ensures that the capacity of these touristic islands is low enough to provide isolation.

    How to Maintain Social Distance in the Maldives

     If you are planning a holiday with your loved ones in the challenging year of 2020, Maldives is one of the best options in terms of reliability, isolation and privacy. Hotels in the tourist islands of the Maldives do not have accommodation in the form of a hotel room. Private villa bungalows are located on the beach or on the ocean.

    All villas are at a distance from each other, there are also vegetation between the villas on the beach. These separate villas provide the desired isolation and distance. Your own private beach, your private sea entrance area and even a private swimming pool for the villa in some villas also satisfy those who want privacy with isolation. The large space on the islands also allows the hotels to offer their guests large areas even for meals.

    Your Health is Strictly Protected During Your Maldives Travel

     Maldives Ministry of Health ensured that all tourist islands were closed during the pandemic period. In this process, the biggest advantage of the hotels accepting guests again is that there is no one except security on the islands.

    The Ministry has set certification rules on health and safety in all hotels, and has not allowed the opening of hotels that do not comply with these rules. However, almost 99% of the hotels successfully achieved this certification and started to serve their guests.

    With the isolation it provides to its guests in its hotels, Maldives has once again shown that it is almost one of the safest places in the world. As Haydi Maldivlere, we are working for you to have a pleasant, healthy and peaceful holiday. We enable you to find and reach everything you are looking for in your personally planned holiday.

    26 August, 01:08