How Long Does it Take to Go to the Maldives By Plane?

How Long Does it Take to Go to the Maldives By Plane?


    Traveling to the Maldives is easy. You can easily travel with direct flights as well as connecting flights. As HaydiMaldivlere, we plan your vacation from A to Z together with you to realize your dream vacation. We make sure that everything, from your flights to accommodation, transfers or activities as you dreamed and are in line with your budget.

    While planning your vacation, depending on your time and budget, you can fly directly to Maldives Airport with Turkish Airlines if you wish. Or you can book your flight as a connecting flight with Qatar Airways. The connection is via Qatar. The duration of the flight from Turkey to Maldives is one of the first thing that comes to those who want to visit the Maldives. This is an average of 8 hours for direct flights and 11 or 12 hours for connecting flights.

    No matter how you plan your trip, at Maldives Airport, our Haydi Maldivlere officer will greet you privately and transfer you to your hotel. If your hotel is close, we provide your transfer to the front of your hotel by seaplanes, if it is far, the local airport flight and then to your hotel by speedboat.

    Time Difference between Turkey and the Maldives

    Time difference between Turkey and the Maldives is not too much. Now, if you are wondering what time it is in the Maldives, just add 2 hours to your current time. Rarely, this difference can be up to 3 hours on some islands. 2-3 hours of difference between the Maldives and Turkey allows you to easily contact with your relatives in Turkey.

    Maldives, one of the heavenly places of the world, offers you an unforgettable holiday opportunity with its lush green nature, deep blue waters and white beaches. As Haydi Maldivlere, we are always here to offer you the best in the Maldives, which is the only region we operate.

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