How To Get To The Maldives

How To Get To The Maldives


    Maldives, one of the heavenly places of the world, is one of the first preferred countries for honeymoon tourism. With its deep blue waters, white beaches, untouched underwater and above water life, it offers you a corner from the paradise on your holiday. Those who want to go on vacation to the Maldives often ask questions such as how to get to the Maldives, is a visa required or where and how to stay in the Maldives.

    Although there are 5500km between Maldives and Turkey it's very easy to get to the Maldives. Depending on the time of your travel or your budget, you can travel with direct or connected flights.

    As Haydi Maldivlere, we have special agreements with hotels and airlines due to our personal tours to the Maldives. This makes your plane tickets much more economical than other travel companies or individual purchases.

    How to get to the Maldives Islands

    If you are thinking about how to get to the Maldives islands, we can tell you that you have two alternatives. You can reach the Maldives from Istanbul with a direct flight with Turkish Airlines. This direct flight takes around 8 hours on average. If you are going to travel to the Maldives, your second option is connected flights. Qatar Airlines has flights to Maldives via Qatar. This journey takes between 11 and 12 hours on average.

    Another curiosity for vacationers in the Maldives is the transfer between the airport and the hotel. As Haydi Maldivlere, we go through each difficult process-including your transfer. When you reach the airport, our staff will greet you privately and guide you to your hotel. You can reach your hotel comfortably without having any language or vehicle problems.

    Easy Transfer to Hotel

    After arriving in Maldives, the most common problem is hotel transfers. As HaydiMaldivlere, we enable our valued customers to start their dream vacation as soon as possible without any transfer problems. We plan your transfer together according to the hotel you choose.

    If your hotel is close, we provide you with a seaplane or speed boat transfer to the front of your hotel; if your hotel is on a far island, we arrange your transfer by speed boats after the local airport transfer. We guide you at every stage of your travel and ensure you enjoy a smooth travel.

    Our company provides 24/7 support on your travel. You can reach us via phone or whatsapp and share your questions and problems. In the Maldives, the staff of our company always support you and ensure that you have the holiday of your dreams.

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