Maldives Accommodation Tips

Maldives Accommodation Tips


    Honeymoon Hotels: Maldives, famous for its romance around the world, is one of the best places to spend your honeymoon. In the concept of honeymoon hotels, you can experience every luxury you can think of, from private beaches to world cuisines, from opportunities to spend romantic time with your loved one, to spa-massage activities. You can spend time in luxury with your spouse in a place that is completely private for you without being disturbed.

    Family Hotels: Maldives is a comfortable place for those who want to have a holiday with their families as well. In Maldives, one of the safest holiday destinations in the world, you can enjoy both the sea and the entertainment with your children. You can enjoy your time in your private villa on your private beach and participate in activities that you will share with your family.

    Boutique Hotels: If you want to get to know the local culture or be close to different activities, you can choose quality boutique hotels. For example, you can go to hotels close to marine protected areas to swim and get to know a different culture and nature.

    Conservative Hotels: Conservative holiday concept is preferred by many people day by day. In the Maldives, you can stay in hotels where you can find the opportunity to have a holiday as you wish without being disturbed in a conservative holiday concept. You can enjoy your own private beach and sea in the villas separated from each other.

    Maldives Accommodation Options

    In Maldives, you can find half board, full or ultra all inclusive accommodation options. These hotels, where ultra all-inclusive or full board options are generally preferred, also have differences in terms of where you will stay.

    In this place where there are no hotel rooms, you can stay in private areas above the water or in bungalow villas on the beach. As you can enjoy the sea whether on the water or on the beach, some villas even have their own private pools.

     You can enjoy private areas in the villas separated from each other by distance and lush trees. As Haydi Maldivlere, we offer you the most exclusive hotels, with great discounts and opportunities, according to the holiday concept you want to have.

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