Maldives Hotel Hygiene

Maldives Hotel Hygiene



    As the pandemic got slightly better, it is time to overcome these stressful times and have a safe, socially distant and peaceful holiday. However, it is important to find the place that will provide this desired isolation and distance. In this respect, Maldives is one of the places to spend a healthy, peaceful and enjoyable holiday with its successful management of the pandemic process and the hygiene rules it provides in its hotels. We have briefly listed what you wonder about how Maldives hotels provide in terms of hygiene;

     In the Maldives, each of the tourist islands has only one hotel and its facilities. These hotels accept a limited number of guests.

    • There is no accommodation in the form of hotel rooms on touristic islands. Accommodation is on the ocean or in private villas on the beach. Each villa is far from each other to provide privacy and isolation.
    • Since the Maldives Ministry of Health closed the tourist islands during the pandemic process, there was no travel to these islands during this period.
    • When the country opened itself to tourism again, hotels that completed the certification rules introduced by the Maldives Ministry of Health were allowed to be opened. Almost 99% of the hotels have completed this certification and obtained the opening permission.
    • The guests welcomed at the airport according to the social distance rules are transferred to their hotels without waiting in a crowded environment. In order to avoid crowding in front of the reception, hotels place the guests directly in their rooms and make their transactions online.
    • Hotels constantly disinfect villas when guests are not present. This process is valid for all common areas and is done twice a day.
    • All staff of hotels are required to undergo health screening and obtain approval. In addition, they must have a doctor in their hotel.
    • Most of the restaurants in the hotels are in open areas. Since there is no space problem, the tables are easily placed socially distanced.
    • Maldives are on the list of safest countries published by the European Union. Maldives offers the highest level of privacy and isolation that it always provides to its guests in this process. Maldives, one of the foremost safe countries in Asia, is one of the rare regions where you can have a comfortable, peaceful holiday with your loved ones without worrying about health problems.

    As Haydi Maldivlere, we are with you in every process to ensure that you have a pleasant and safe holiday in a holiday program specially prepared for you, while paying attention to your health. We plan your holiday program according to your needs and expectations, and we offer you our 24/7 support from the beginning to the end of your holiday.

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    26 August, 01:08