Weather in the Maldives

Weather in the Maldives


    People who want to visit the Maldives often wonder what the climate is like of this paradise country. Unlike many different destinations, you can travel to the Maldives in any month of the year. Maldives is one of the best travel destinations in terms of weather.

    In this country that has a beautiful climate, there's no such a thing as to "best time to travel". In Maldives, where the tropical climate is dominant, there may be short-term rainfall. However, even during these rains, the weather is pleasant as it doesn't cool down drastically.

    Suitable for Travel in any month of the year

    The Maldives is an island country in the Indian Ocean near the equator. It consists of 1190 islands and is a tourism paradise. Both underwater and above water richness is suitable for all kinds of holiday from honeymoon trips to family vacations, from diving to fishing.

    The soft air and humidity of the islands help you enjoy your stay without being bothered by the weather. Average temperature varies between 28 and 35 degrees. Even in short-term rains, the temperature doesn't change much and you can enjoy the rain as much as you enjoy the sea.

    Travel Whenever You Want

    This gentle and comfortable climate of the Maldives allows it to be a travel destination in any time of the year. For example, if you want to have a family vacation, you can plan your Maldivian trip considering your child's school breaks during the winter or summer, and you can have your dream vacation at family hotels.

    The Maldives will open the door to unforgettable holidays with its slightly humid, warm and pleasant climate as well as sea water temperature of 20 degrees.

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    04 March, 00:03