Best Maldives Beaches and Beaches

Best Maldives Beaches and Beaches


    The Maldives is a world wonder tourism and vacation paradise, with some of the most beautiful beaches in the world. You can enjoy the deep blue waters and white sands of the Indian Ocean. Maldives also have sand dunes specific to this region. In fact, some islets only have these stretches of sand. From these extensions, you can enter the ocean with many shades of blue.Maldives' beaches are surrounded by white sand. These white sands are formed when dead corals are eroded and crumbled. Even in extreme heat, these sands will not burn your feet. The clear ocean ground is also covered with this white sand. This way, you can easily see the bottom of the sea.

    There is a wide range of underwater and surface biological richness on the islands. Among the most notable marine creatures are sharks, mantas and stingrays. Sharks that often appear in coral reefs are completely harmless.

    Stunning Flora and Fauna

     It is also possible to come across a wide variety of sea and land creatures in the Maldives. You can even swim with them. For example, in Moodushi Island, giant mantas are accustomed to human life, so much that you can pet them from the surface near the pier. In Halaveli Island, there are giant fruit bats with a wing length of 1.5 meters, unique to the region. The reefs on the island are home to more than 1000 species of fish, crabs, and different waterfowls.

    Another factor that makes the Maldives beaches famous occurs after 21 o'clock at night. Plankton that waves hit the shore creates an incredible visual feast. You can watch this beauty on the beach from one end to the other, like the stars shining in the dark.

    Opportunity to Swim in the Sea on Untouched Beaches

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    You can stay in Maldives with a different accommodation concepts. When you wake up, you can dive into the Indian Ocean from the famous sands of the region by staying in a private villa by the sea in Maldives beach villas. You can enjoy your vacation and these paradise islands by diving under the water as well as canoeing on the clear ocean waters.


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