Maldives Guide

Maldives Guide


    The Maldives is an ideal place for honeymoon couples looking for a vacation on a luxurious island or those who want to have a vacation with their families without being disturbed. Consisting of an average of 1200 islands, this country has everything one could want from a tropical island. You can enjoy the ocean waters, white sand beaches, palm trees, hot and sunny days and unforgettable sunsets where many shades of blue are observed.

    In recent years, there are tourists who go to this country, which is frequently preferred by honeymoon couples, with different concepts. While its underwater and surface richness attracts photography and diving enthusiasts, private, isolated but luxurious villas can be preferred by families looking for silence.

    As Haydi Maldivlere, we are always here to support you for your special Maldives holiday, whether it is a honeymoon, a family vacation or a different concept. We enable you to make a decision by knowing all the processes from start to finish your holiday, which is tailored to you. We ensure you enjoy your stay by having you informed about everything from transportation to transfer to your hotel, to your accommodation type or activities and treats.

    8 Different Things to Do in the Maldive

     The tourism islands in the Maldives are established as 1 island - 1 hotel concept. In other words, there is only one hotel and facilities belonging to that hotel in an island. However, hotels offer a wide variety of services to meet all the needs, wishes and demands of their guests. While enjoying the clear ocean waters and warm, sunny weather on your Maldives vacation, you can do different activities to experience the beauty of the country.

    Discover the Capital City of Male; You can have a blast in this island capital, which is very small compared to many capitals. It will attract your attention with its mosques and museums. It may be interesting to visit the fish market where seafood is sold. You can access the recently opened Hard Rock Cafe from Male by ferry.

    Dive in Coral Reef; The Maldives are made up of atolls. There are many untouched coral reefs. You can see a wide range of biodiversity sea creatures in these reefs. You can enjoy the beauty of the Indian Ocean by snorkeling or scuba diving.

    Get to Know the Local Culture: In the Maldives, before 2011, the islands where the local people lived were closed to tourism in order to protect the local culture. After this date, these islands were opened to tourism. You can visit these islands and experience the local culture.

    Spend a Night on an Untouched Islands: There are still islands with no settlements in the Maldives. Hotels can take couples to these islands for a day and plan different activities. You can have the opportunity to be with your loved one by dining on this deserted, tropical island and even stay overnight.

    Walk on the Stars on the Beach at Night in Baa Atoll; A natural wonder is seen in the Maldives. In this phenomenon, the plankton that hit the shore shine like stars. A night walk on such a beach will easily give you the impression of living in a different world.

    Watch the Sunset on a Boat Ride: Standard transportation in Maldives is by wooden boats. These boats are an enjoyable way to end the day. You can end the day in a pleasant way while visiting uninhabited islands with these boats serving food and drinks accompanied by local musicians.

    Reward Yourself with a Spa Massage; Maldives has the best spa centers. Due to its proximity to Bali and Thailand, the hotels offer excellent spa centers with experienced masseurs.

     Buy From Local Products; Hotels organize excursions where you can visit local artisans or even buy. Different country-specific handmade gifts will make good gifts for you and your loved ones.

    Special Holiday Plan with Haydimaldivlere​

     As Haydi Maldivlere, Maldives is the only region we operate in terms of individual tours. In this country, which is our area of expertise, we recommend our services to our valued guests, which we are sure of the quality, and that we have experienced by visiting them personally. You plan your Maldives vacation with a consultant that is appointed to you.

    While making your vacation plan, you are given all kinds of information, from flight alternatives to transfer or accommodation. Our company makes special agreements with more than 100 hotels and offers you the best prices. In fact, as the sole sales representative of Thulhagiri and Safari islands, we can offer you very special prices compared to other islands. We make sure you to have a blast during your holiday with extra gifts and treats. Our company works as your special boutique vacation planner, where you will find answers to all your questions, from online translation services to 24/7 information line.

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