Delicious Food of the Maldives - Haydi Maldivlere

Delicious Food of the Maldives - Haydi Maldivlere


    You can easily find every taste you are looking for in these restaurants where world cuisines are served. If you want, you can taste the flavors of French cuisine or classic flavors from Italian cuisine.

    If you say you cannot do without Turkish cuisine, you can spend your holiday in the famous Turkish hotel of the Maldives. In this luxury hotel, you can easily enjoy the cuisine of our country as well as different cuisines. Hotels in the Maldives offer a feast full of different cuisines according to the preferences of their guests. You can also easily find the opportunity to try local delicacies if you wish.

    Since almost 99% of the Maldives are sea, you have the chance to try the flavors of fish you have not seen before. You can easily see the influences of Eastern cuisine as well as Arabic, Indian, Sri Lanka in the local flavors of the island. While staying in your villa in luxury in the Maldives, it is possible to eat world-class flavors without worrying about what to eat.

    You Should Try the Unique Flavors of Maldivian Cuisine

    Maldives cuisine offers a rich variety of traditional flavors, diversified with the influence of neighboring countries. In the past, meals made with ingredients of fish, coconut and local herbs uniquely expanded with the influence of foreigners coming to the islands by trade and travel.

    It is possible to see the effects of three main ingredients in today's Maldivian cuisine. These are fish, coconut, and vegetables-fruits. The slightly sweet, often exotic flavors, are passed down from generation to generation. You have different alternatives to try Maldivian cuisine. If you want, you can have your meals at the restaurant of your hotel, and taste different flavors on your trip to the Capital Male or local island visits. However, we also recommend that you ask your guide about the food before trying something new.

    Traditional Maldivian Dishes

     In this island country where you can see the influence of the cuisines of various countries as a result of the rich and colorful heritage, you should discover the true taste of Maldivian cuisine. Here are some traditional Maldivian dishes prepared with fresh fish, chicken, meat, fresh local fruits and vegetables;

     Mas Huni; This dish eaten for breakfast and served with traditional Chapati bread is a salad made with coconut, pepper, onion and tuna.

    Garudhiya; It is one of the most common dish eaten almost every day in the Maldives. It is a fish soup prepared from different fish and vegetables.

    Kuhi Boakiba; It is a meal prepared especially for festivals and visits, that is, for special occasions. It is a fish meatball prepared with fish, coconut, spices and rice.

    You can also enjoy street food during your visit to the Capital Male. As Haydi Maldivlere, we plan every detail of your holiday.
     We support you on your holiday and offer our 24/7 guidance.

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