Maldives Turkish Hotel

Maldives Turkish Hotel


    Maldives, one of the most important tourism destinations in the world, hosts thousands of tourists every year. In the Maldives, an archipelago country, there are still untouched islands or islets. While the deep blue ocean waters display many shades of blue, it offers a paradise atmosphere with its white beaches and green tropical vegetation.It is actually very easy to go on a vacation in the Maldives. You can reach this extraordinary country with direct or connected flights, or stay in your private villa on the beach or on the water. You can also have a holiday in the Maldives without feeling foreign. Located in Maldives, Ayada Resort Hotel is a 5-star Turkish hotel. This resort hotel, built on a 150-decare island, has 114 private bungalows. In addition, this hotel, whose employees are Turkish, always offer the best to both foreign and Turkish guests.

    You Can Find Everything You Are Looking For 

    As Haydi Maldivlere, we constantly check the quality of all the hotels we recommend in order to provide you with the best service, by visiting these hotels ourselves throughout the year. Whether honeymoon, family or diving concept, we offer you all kinds of suggestions and information from hotel to activities for you to have the vacation of your dreams. By recommending the quality we have experienced, we strive for you to have a problem-free and comfortable holiday.

    Ayada Resort, a Turkish hotel, offers you a 5-star comfort. You can easily perform all kinds of activities in this Turkish hotel, which is located on a 150-decare island with the concept of 1 island + 1 hotel. If you want, you can dive with scuba or snorkel and experience the magnificent underwater life of the Maldives. You can fish, explore the untouched islands with day trips, and have dinner at sunset on the beach. If you want, you can refresh your marriage or get married. This kind of organization of the hotel will offer you everything you want with a special wedding area.

    You Can Experience 5-Star Comfort in Maldives Turkish Hotel

    You can find all the comfort you want in this five-star resort hotel. Diving school, Turkish cuisine as well as international cuisines, bar and spa center are some of them. In bungalows special for you, you can experience the difference of being away from civilization, whether you come for your honeymoon or for family vacation.

    As Haydi Maldivlere, we offer more than a hundred of luxury and quality hotels, including Maldives Turkish hotels. Whatever holiday you have in your dreams, we plan and realize it together with you.

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