Maldives Honeymoon Memory

Maldives Honeymoon Memory


    I just returned from our Maldives honeymoon trip. From a paradise island filled with activities such as sunset cruises, sessions times and snorkeling.

    You may think there is only little to do in the Maldives. This was the first thought of my wife when I mentioned the idea of having a honeymoon in Maldives. However; our resort, Coco Bodhu Hithu, proved to us that the Maldives is not a boring place. Our 4-day Maldives honeymoon tour was set on the beautiful backdrop of incredible underwater life, romantic dining and turquoise atolls on unspoiled islands.

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    Maldivler Dalış

    Maldives Honeymoon Day 1

    We arrived at the hotel late at night for the Maldives honeymoon. We had no idea how we could cross these beautiful islands watching in daylight as we sailed through dark waters. Therefore; when we woke up, the first thing we would do was open the curtains and go out.
    When we pressed the "open" button on the hand control next to the bed, the Indian Ocean appeared at the end of the bed. The first thing to do (after breakfast, of course) was to swim in the ocean. The temperature of the ocean water was so hot that we still felt like we were in the shower since it was almost as hot as the water in the shower. The resort we stayed in was fantastic and had very beautiful coral reefs so we didn't need to go anywhere else to see the Maldives reefs. In our case, there was no need to go anywhere other than our overwater villa. It was possible to see every color fish without even leaving the ladder. We did not know their names, but luckily we made an appointment later in the week to get answers to our questions from the marine biologist at the facility.
    With all this swimming and the speedboat that lasted until late at night, we were ready for massage time upon arrival at the hotel. Massage rooms at Coco Spa were just as incredible as the masseurs. We rewarded ourselves with a Balinese massage and it had taken off all the burden we had so far.
    At the end of our first day in the Maldives, our hotel advised us to leave the island and watch the sunset over the water. We walked around the hotel while sitting on a traditional Maldivian boat. We watched the sky turn pink and we celebrated our first day in heaven.

    Maldivler Gün Batımı

    Maldives Honeymoon Day 2

    We welcomed another beautiful day of our Maldives honeymoon. We asked our special officer Mohan to bring our breakfast to our room. Mohan brought pies and desserts, fruits, pancakes, eggs and bread on a large tray with a big smile. He placed this abundant meal on our table and allowed us to enjoy it with the most beautiful view of the Indian Ocean.
    After spending some time in the pool and relaxing around the villa, we went to the pier of the facility where a boat and a crew of three were waiting for us to fish. We learned and tried traditional Maldivian techniques related to fishing, but we couldn't catch anything. But the crew were fishing very well and we decided to watch them.
    In the afternoon we went to the big pool. The glamorous hotel's main pool was almost empty, as everyone had a private pool in their room in this wonderful facility. We ordered a cocktail from the bar right there.We spent our afternoon relaxing by the pool.
    Our dinner was barbecue on the beach. With our bare feet, we ended our night on the beach with local seafood, impressive salads from Asian cuisine and wonderful desserts from the Maldives.

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    Maldives Honeymoon Day 3

     On our last day at our Maldives honeymoon hotel, we took a snorkeling trip with Lisa, the hotel's underwater biologist.
    Lisa introduced us to the fish we had already seen in her office. She also explained what we could see in the next few hours. We were taken to the points where stingrays were frequently fed by speed boat. Here we had the chance to see a few gigantic manta rays, and the next stop was to head to the spot where the island's corals were most concentrated. Here we came across the unique beauty of the underwater world and many fish species that Lisa had explained to us earlier. We also had the chance to see sea turtles while returning at the end of our trip. This was a research turtle fitted with a GPS to explore the underwater world of the Maldives and analyze the turtles' journey through the ocean. When we got back to Lisa's office, we saw this water turtle's entire journey from January 2016 by checking the tracking number from the database. We are happy to meet this sweet friend.
    Although we were sad to leave on our last night, we ate our dinner in our private corner overlooking the ocean at the Aqua restaurant. In our menu inspired by Asian cuisine that evening, delicious dishes with noodles and curry sauce reminded us of our wedding in Thailand.

    Maldivler Balayı

    Maldives Honeymoon Day 4

    Our return day from our Maldives honeymoon vacation. Our special officer, Mohan, came to our room to take our luggage and we got on our little golf cart waiting in front of the door and proceeded towards the pier. Although we were sad, it was time to leave. We stayed at the resort, North Male, by speedboat Coco Bodu Hithi, only 40 minutes away from the airport Male. We bought cold towels and cooled down ourselves. We also took our little water with us. And we left the island, watching this unique beauty.
    Things to Know While Traveling to the Maldives

    • Your transfer to your hotel is done by seaplane or speed boat after the airport. Seaplane does not fly at night so you should check this before you arrive in Male. If necessary, you can stay the night at a hostel in Male and take a resort seaplane the next morning.
    • It is perfectly okay to go to dinner barefoot, but it is nice for men to go to dinner in a capri and long-sleeved shirt.
    • In most hotels you deal in dollars, and the best tip is given in dollars. There is no place in the hotel where you can exchange your local money.Consulting a professional about the
    • Whole organization helps you to have a trouble-free holiday. You can click here to access Maldives Honeymoon consultants. Stay with love.

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