Maldives Underwater Hotel

Maldives Underwater Hotel


    Maldives, a holiday paradise, is an archipelago country made up of beautiful islands. In addition to lush and tropical vegetation, there is a wide range of biodiversity of marine life on the Maldives islands. It is also recorded that more than 1000 fish species were observed in some atolls.Those who want to experience this extraordinary beauty offered by the ocean can enjoy the underwater pleasure of the ocean, even for a short time, by snorkeling or scuba diving when they go on vacation here. However, you can now experience an underwater adventure for a longer period of time. Underwater hotels opened in Maldives will offer you more than you are looking for.

    You can experience the beauty of the ocean with the Maldives Underwater Hotel

    Opened in the Maldives, this underwater hotel offers the unique sea view with the comfort of a 5-star hotel. Some parts of this hotel, built 16 meters below the sea, are also above water. You can enjoy the beauty of the ocean day or night in this hotel, which is built of pressure resistant glass.

    In the underwater hotel, everything about your comfort is considered. In addition, this nature-friendly hotel was built without damaging the wonderful coral reefs of the Maldives. This hotel, which gives you the feeling of living in a different world, offers services with many privileges from daily spa massages to 24-hour butler service, from a private fitness trainer to a yoga instructor, from a private speedboat to a private chef.

     Experiencing the Impressive Underwater Life

    Maldives is a very special tourism destination that allows you to spend your dream vacation with the opportunities it offers. Whether for honeymoon or family vacation, you can easily have a holiday here anytime of the year. You can enjoy a holiday without being disturbed in your private villa, while having all your needs met.

    As Haydi Maldivlere, you can stay in hotels of different styles as well as underwater hotels. Or you can choose from different types of villas of the hotels. You can stay in an overwater bungalow or enjoy your holiday in a villa by the sea on the beach.

    Our company plans each process to the finest detail with you so that your holiday goes smoothly. With your specially appointed consultant, you can create a vacation plan in accordance with your wishes and dreams. You can make plans according to the budgets you want and enjoy these paradise islands as you wish.

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