Won't You Go For The Juiciest Meal?

Won't You Go For The Juiciest Meal?


    If you want to enjoy the beauty of the underwater not only in photographs but also while you are having a meal, you can have the extraordinary experience at an underwater restaurant with Haydi Maldivlere. Imagine... You are  about 5 meters under the water. You are accompanied by turtles, stingrays and colorful fish on the other side of the glass. How would one visit the Maldives and not eat at the underwater restaurant? Yeah, it's not possible.

    Büşra SANAY 21 Temmuz 2014

    Maldivler Restoran
    The Maldives is a country in the south of India, 750 kilometers west of Sri Lanka, where pearl grains are interspersed in the Indian Ocean. Local people lead their lives in 281 of the 1190 islets, and in the remaining 86 islets hotels are built.
    It is prohibited to build more than one hotel on each island. Therefore, each island is named after the hotel. There are many Bangladeshi, Sri Lankan and Indian people in the country.
    Many people from these countries live in the capital Male and local islands.

    Maldivler Yemek

    The flavors of the region are also influenced by these three countries. The cuisine has a lot of curry and holds different spices, the plating is colorful and lively.
    One of the greatest reasons for this is that the Maldives are located in the tropical region, very close to the equator. This is also the reason for the vast variety of fruits and vegetables.

    There are only 5 underwater restaurants in the world. Two of these are in the Maldives. We visited 10 of the other local islands and hotels with Engin Kaban (from Backpackers Community) for exploration purposes.
    I had a chance to experience of having a meal while stingrays on the sand or right beside my feet. With a wonderful dining table set, I also fell victim to the rain in a tropical climate. But all my memories in the Maldives were amazing.

    Maldivler Kahvaltı
    If you happen to go to the Maldives, make sure to have a meal at Anantara Kihavah Underwater Restaurant before your return. Especially try to be there at noon, for lunch as all the beauty of the ocean emerges during the hours when the sun's rays hit the water. Located on Kihavah Island, this restaurant cools you down when you walk in. Make sure to eat under the Indian Ocean, will make you feel pretty good.

    The restaurant is located 5 meters under water and can only accommodate 16 people. Considering that there are holidays in the Maldives every season, you may not be able to find a table. Therefore, I suggest you book beforehand.
    Those who come from another island can also have lunch and dinner here. That's a plus. 

    Maldivler Denizaltı Restoran

    The world's first underwater wine cellar is also located here. You can find many wines you are looking for, and almost all wines have a story. Let me also add that the underwater restaurant is a popular place for famous athletes. 
    Cristiano Ronaldo and tennis player Roger Federer with 17 Grand Slam titles are among the diners.
    Maldivler'de Akşam Yemeği

    Peking Roast Duck
    The chefs of the hotel are very practical, have magic in their fingers, and the kitchen is spotlessly clean. My recommendation is the Pekin Duck (Roasted Pekin duck pancake).
    You may have eaten Peking duck with very different plating, but you will find a completely different plate here. It's because the fried duck is blended with special sauces and made with some of the 16 kinds of salt that are introduced to us before dinner.
    You can even taste the salt. Salt here was also another adventure. The most interesting ones were the pink and black salt. The chef said that black salt has something to do with charcoal, from whichwe already had a little bit burnt taste.

    When the Peking duck comes to your table, you will see a plating like shown in the photo. The material that you see below as the plate is Himalayan salt. The banana leaf on the salt plate and the duck on the leaf are already satisfies you without even having a bite. It was one of the most unforgettable moments of my life accompanied by a beautiful red wine. It only cost 42 dollars.

    Maldivler Otel

    As you are having a deep conversation, a perfect dessert will make the conversation even better. This is called mango sticky rice, made with coconut water. You can order it for 21 dollars.

    A meal for two in the underwater restaurant with a stunning view will cost you an average of 750 dollars. However, if you wish to close the restaurant to have some time alone with your loved one, you will have to sacrifice about 8 thousand dollars.

    Maldivler Sahil

    While you are having your meal, you will be accompanied by turtles, manta, stingrays and thousands of colorful fish on the other side of the glass.
    Considering you are in Turkey, after a 7-hour trip the Indian Ocean will treat you very generously.
    Mark my words!

    I would like to thank HaydiMaldivlere.com team for this beautiful organization.

    Büşra SANAY

    30 July, 01:07